Red iPhone for HIV/AIDS

Apple company has launched (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Special Edition which has taken the electrical industry by storm. In California, 21th of march 2017, its introduction in vibrant, matte, blood red, aluminum finish marks 10 years of long lasting partnership with (RED) Organization.

iPhone 7

According to the Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, during this tenure, the purchase of products by the customers has contributed significantly to the Global Fund of HIV/AIDS. From iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition until today, with lineup of products and accessories, Apple company’s iPhone 7 in red is the biggest (PRODUCT) RED product.

The product received highly positive remarks and greater level of acceptance. The evidence was simply seen by the Google trend in which red iPhone blew over the cheapest iPod searches, though both were introduced on the same day.

The (RED) CEO, Deborah Degun reported as Apple being the world’s largest donor-partner to help the HIV/AIDS effected patients with their cooperation of more than $130 million. (RED) focuses to provide testing for the symptoms, counseling, treatment and prevention programs to eliminate transfer of this serious disease from mothers to their babies from the the total money raised by (RED).

The good approach for HIV/AIDS could be best reason for the higher number of searches. Though I agree with the writer, Danny Zepeda, on that “This red iPhone 7 looks better than Apple’s version.”

iPhone love

Order iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED at $749(US) or more for more GB and iPhone 7 plus at $869(US) or more for more GB from their site buy iPhone 7 RED. While availability of Special Edition, worldwide be from 24th March 2017,Friday.


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My Mismatched Socks

Down Sydrome is a chromosomal disorder suffered by several people around us. World Youth Alliance has taken an initiative to spread its awareness and take a bold stand for their rights in an impressive and fun way.

Its anniversary was celebrated on 21th of march 2017 and several events were organized during this campaign throughout the month.

It gives such a satisfied feeling when one becomes part of a revolution so I and my sister (Ittaapi) participated in the first task of this campaign by clicking pictures with a pair of MISMATCHED SOCKS.

To celebrate with us this special day:

  • Wear mismatched socks
  • Prepare a photo or a short video, where you explain that you are doing this to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day and to raise awareness about people with Down syndrome
  • Challenge 3 of your friends to do the same.
  • Share your photo/video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or/and Youtube between March 6-21, 2017 and remember to use the hashtag #SocksBattle4DS and to tag @WYAeurope, @FondLejeuneEN along with 3 friends that you have challenged to do the same.Down-Syndrome-Day-Banner-1

These small steps towards the betterment of world makes a way through the hearts for acceptance.

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