Team Tigers Vs Team Rats (CT 2017 Final)

You feel the steam rising between people. You see no sight of human being on the streets. Silence spreads all over the place, people inside houses are filled with terror but if you come close to one of the houses… you hear murmurs… and suddenly a loud sound heard. It is PAKISTAN Vs INDIA match!!!!! 😀

It’s ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and today is the day when the two historical rivals (as said by many) meet at the Oval stadium,England to play its finals. The stadium is filled with enthusiastic supporters of both countries. Some of the extremists are showering curses. Some are raising their hands in prayers. India has won the toss and has chosen to ball first.

This year’s ICC Champions Trophy has shown many unpredictable scenarios. Pakistan well known for its fond of unpredictable results and India showing consistent results throughout the series, the triumph is quite stark but hopes are high …  India’s public seems confident and are passing sarcastic tweets while people in Pakistan are facing this situation very calmly, not because of the confidence but because they have nothing to be sarcastic about. Let’s focus on the fact, the probability is quite towards the blue teams! But the green team is playing super smartly right now and have raised the hopes of the fans.

Me: (internally).. praying. 😛 😦

Who is the tiger and who is the rat… Only time will tell…

Finally, may the best team wins!! But since I am a Pakistani, I hope that boys in green win!! 😀 Yahoooooooooo 😀

                                             PAKISTAN ZINDABAD ❤



11 thoughts on “Team Tigers Vs Team Rats (CT 2017 Final)

    1. Yahoooo !! That was a proud moment for all Pakistanis 🙂 “I Hope so” :/
      Definitely an ‘unpredictable tournament ‘ 😀
      I had a sour throat after the match 😛 shouted my lungs out on every wicket 😛 😀


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