A day in my life : Bullet Journalling!


Hello you people. Since my exams ended in December,I realized that I was not being total productive with my self. I needed to get Organised and work with my full potantial..so it’s “better late than never” when recently I was introduced to bullet journalling. Thank you YouTube and those amazing,creative YouTubers.

SinceSince month of April ,with enough knowledge ,I gathered the stamina to start a bullet journal myself. For the overview ,I think,I think I did a pretty good job.Though I did randomly inspired theme i.e(no theme).I went colourful.Have a look,my first ever bullet planner.

April cover page and monthly goals
Calendar with important dates and I kind of 
My fav,Habit tracker. Though I didn’t fill up the remaining boxes because I had several appointments but I surely did it. In fact, it was the first time I actually felt obliged to stay organised.
My desire list,Aims and wall of confidence 😍😍
My desire,aims page with wall of confidence.
Social media ideas. I know,it is way to much space.
Daily log! The stripe beside each date displays timings of a day and filled it with different colours for my daily tasks and rituals to follow up.It turns out to be very effective in scheduling.Love it.

Though, it has challenged me artistically,Haha. And I am a newbie to bullet planning so, don’t compare me with those rich YouTubers who does videos on hauling and planner supplies, because they can afford beauty. Don’t feel sorry!! I am really artistically challenged on this one! Literally 😉 😥

My opinion on bullet journal: It’s fantastically awesome. Trust me if you are in a messed up life and want to rewind yourself then journalling is your thing.I, myself with the fear of upsetting and leaving spaces empty on the journal , I had to do such tasks which I wouldn’t have imaged! It has changed my routine and I got more room for more work. Approved! Lol.

Stay tuned for my May (it’s hoof) bullet journal layout!

Happy bullet journaling.❤️


Team Tigers Vs Team Rats (CT 2017 Final)

You feel the steam rising between people. You see no sight of human being on the streets. Silence spreads all over the place, people inside houses are filled with terror but if you come close to one of the houses… you hear murmurs… and suddenly a loud sound heard. It is PAKISTAN Vs INDIA match!!!!! 😀

It’s ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and today is the day when the two historical rivals (as said by many) meet at the Oval stadium,England to play its finals. The stadium is filled with enthusiastic supporters of both countries. Some of the extremists are showering curses. Some are raising their hands in prayers. India has won the toss and has chosen to ball first.

This year’s ICC Champions Trophy has shown many unpredictable scenarios. Pakistan well known for its fond of unpredictable results and India showing consistent results throughout the series, the triumph is quite stark but hopes are high …  India’s public seems confident and are passing sarcastic tweets while people in Pakistan are facing this situation very calmly, not because of the confidence but because they have nothing to be sarcastic about. Let’s focus on the fact, the probability is quite towards the blue teams! But the green team is playing super smartly right now and have raised the hopes of the fans.

Me: (internally).. praying. 😛 😦

Who is the tiger and who is the rat… Only time will tell…

Finally, may the best team wins!! But since I am a Pakistani, I hope that boys in green win!! 😀 Yahoooooooooo 😀

                                             PAKISTAN ZINDABAD ❤


Red iPhone for HIV/AIDS

Apple company has launched (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Special Edition which has taken the electrical industry by storm. In California, 21th of march 2017, its introduction in vibrant, matte, blood red, aluminum finish marks 10 years of long lasting partnership with (RED) Organization.

iPhone 7

According to the Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, during this tenure, the purchase of products by the customers has contributed significantly to the Global Fund of HIV/AIDS. From iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition until today, with lineup of products and accessories, Apple company’s iPhone 7 in red is the biggest (PRODUCT) RED product.

The product received highly positive remarks and greater level of acceptance. The evidence was simply seen by the Google trend in which red iPhone blew over the cheapest iPod searches, though both were introduced on the same day.

The (RED) CEO, Deborah Degun reported as Apple being the world’s largest donor-partner to help the HIV/AIDS effected patients with their cooperation of more than $130 million. (RED) focuses to provide testing for the symptoms, counseling, treatment and prevention programs to eliminate transfer of this serious disease from mothers to their babies from the the total money raised by (RED).

The good approach for HIV/AIDS could be best reason for the higher number of searches. Though I agree with the writer, Danny Zepeda, on TechnoBuffalo.com that “This red iPhone 7 looks better than Apple’s version.”

iPhone love

Order iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED at $749(US) or more for more GB and iPhone 7 plus at $869(US) or more for more GB from their site buy iPhone 7 RED. While availability of Special Edition, worldwide be from 24th March 2017,Friday.


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My Mismatched Socks

Down Sydrome is a chromosomal disorder suffered by several people around us. World Youth Alliance has taken an initiative to spread its awareness and take a bold stand for their rights in an impressive and fun way.

Its anniversary was celebrated on 21th of march 2017 and several events were organized during this campaign throughout the month.

It gives such a satisfied feeling when one becomes part of a revolution so I and my sister (Ittaapi) participated in the first task of this campaign by clicking pictures with a pair of MISMATCHED SOCKS.

To celebrate with us this special day:

  • Wear mismatched socks
  • Prepare a photo or a short video, where you explain that you are doing this to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day and to raise awareness about people with Down syndrome
  • Challenge 3 of your friends to do the same.
  • Share your photo/video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or/and Youtube between March 6-21, 2017 and remember to use the hashtag #SocksBattle4DS and to tag @WYAeurope, @FondLejeuneEN along with 3 friends that you have challenged to do the same.Down-Syndrome-Day-Banner-1

These small steps towards the betterment of world makes a way through the hearts for acceptance.

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Full Body Checkup In ZERO Dollar?!!?!!

15th of January 2017, Karachi Medical & Dental College organized “HOPES” Health Expo 2017 at the Expo Center, Karachi, Pakistan, where free screening for being provided for FREE!!! I must say that the organization really nailed the event…. They brought all my expectations to life, literally <3.


The whole way we traveled to the venue, I and my sister looked forward to donating blood, but as soon as I reached the entrance door, my heart started thumping so hard, I got butterflies in my stomach and I got the shivers I always get in before my exams… and yeah all because of the fear of syringe. :$ Vast range of medical services from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd-year students of various universities was being provided at huge booths.

We walked towards the stall and after inquiry, made a registration for the Body-Mass-Index test (B.M.I. test)….and After much struggle with the inches tape, it came out just fine, 23! Yahoooo!!!Overall, that booth contained very cooperating doctors-to-be.

Then I and my sister walked forward while daddy went to receive Mummy and my Aunt’s family (mummy did a night stay at my aunt’s home). We hurried to the next station and we saw something at the corner ….. No way! It was a dentist chair!!! Woohoo… Dental checkup? I never thought this deep this exhibition can get. We quickly took the receipt and stood in the line. We consulted for my retainers and braces. The chair was placed in the open, inside the booth. It was so awkward to display my teeth to the doctor in front of a large crowd waiting for their teeth to be examined that I started making freaked faces just to calm the atmosphere.


The scenario of the spatula being inserted into the mouth and rotated 360 degrees pulling the upper lip outward, was funny. She even asked my name while my mouth wide open with a spatula rotating in it. For heaven sake, who speaks with their mouth wide open :@ I wish I had taken Ittapi‘s photo. After Dani’s turn was done, she came running towards me and shouted with joy: “I have cavity!!! That was such a LOL moment. I laughed, laughed and laughed but at the same time felt pity for her. Eventually, I had to burst her little bubble of happiness by telling her the meaning of cavity…:$ Fortunately for me, I got a good feedback from the dentist but recommended braces. HEHEHE. There were some cute bookmarks on the table. Itta api and Sallu took a “tooth bookmark”.

Here is a photo with toothy smile props…

Suddenly, Daddy came and got to know that the previous stall was offering “Diabetes test”. WHAATTT ?? WOW… ‘Im excited to avail one the expensive test for FREE… Yippee! I’m scared of needles’’. We registered ourselves. Mummy’s turn came first, she shut her eyes up because of pain, which terrified me. When my turn came, it was my official attempt to get a shot after I guess 15 years. I had a mixture of expression on my turn, I squinted, inhaled and exhaled from the mouth loudly 😀 to relax, pleaded the doctor to let go of my hand and to stop trying to distract me to pin the needle. I wanted to say “Oh, please, enough of this overacting…. I know you are gonna hit me so…just do it.” Then when I finally got punctured…voila…. It felt 0.01% of what I had been expecting.

Now that my turn was over, I became a tiger and started consoling Ittaapi who has already experienced it and doesn’t have needle phobia…. But to be honest, I wanted to just show off.. 😛 B). The sugar level result of me, Mummy, Daddy and Ittaapi’s were 99, 111, 109 and 126 respectively. I turned towards Ittaapi and was like “What did you eat, buddy?” The male doctor posed for us.


To avail as much as we could in the limited time, we seriously starting running across the stalls. My aunt searched for the HEPATITIS TEST but Daddy believed that it would not be available as it is an expensive test 😛 But luckily, they had .. Yippeee.. Ittaapi was really anxious for this and nervous even before we entered the hall because she feared because of our grandmother’s death due to the hideous disease. They had a huge crowd around their stall. Of course, who would want to miss this chance? They had this USB type device in which after being poked with the needle, a few drops of blood were added in a small slot on it. We entered the blood test lane at about 50th number.


It took so long that I decided to get into the line eye-side test but it needed patience. Therefore I returned and when our turn was about to come, a board was placed on the table, stating “Tea break”!!! Urgh! 30 min? Okay then, while our family waited near that corner for the blood test, Thalassemia test was being taken nearby and was again crowded. This was the time in which my blood was officially taken in a good amount by a huge syringe that was inserted fully. I closed my eyes tight but felt a little hindrance between the needle and the skin. I don’t know why but throughout this, it itched so badly and when it was done it swelled a bit so I knew I disliked that girl…

Blood test corner was taking long to reset so our cousins-team moved around and what we found was amazing! Young’s was promoting their Olive Spread by distributing its sample! By that time it was getting dark outside and we were starving so you can imagine…

They say that the best things are always saved for last. You remember I desired to donate blood? I was kind of disappointed when we found no booth of that kind but when we were roaming around, we finally found it! It was such an amazing feeling I have ever experienced!!! Woooo hoooo… Imagine! Cousins-squad going to donate blood for the first time without any elder!

It was organized by DOW university and Patients’ Welfare Association (PWA). After checking our blood pressure and level of hemoglobin, they handed us empty blood bags. But the size of the syringe scared the hell out of me! It was literary hollow inside and I was super terrified from its diameter. To be honest I gave up at that moment for two reasons:

  1. Because of the gigantic size of the needle.
  2. The boy who was donating blood before me was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Scare can simply be seen from these pictures 😀

All thanks to my sister, who took the first turn, I felt encouraged. The inserted syringe made an engraved expression on my skin. I was motivated to have my first achievement towards helping human being.

“I loved that feel and could simply say that this simple act of kindness can actually save the life and definitely make it better.”

I also received a honey flavored drink, which tasted like yellow color mixed with toothpaste. 😀

There was also calcium test which I was not eligible for since I was under the age limit.

People are always scared of hospitals and those heavy bills never encourage us to take get us checked. This event gave an opportunity for the citizens of Karachi, especially the underprivileged people to get medical advice for free. After all, health is wealth.

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