My Mismatched Socks

Down Sydrome is a chromosomal disorder suffered by several people around us. World Youth Alliance has taken an initiative to spread its awareness and take a bold stand for their rights in an impressive and fun way.

Its anniversary was celebrated on 21th of march 2017 and several events were organized during this campaign throughout the month.

It gives such a satisfied feeling when one becomes part of a revolution so I and my sister (Ittaapi) participated in the first task of this campaign by clicking pictures with a pair of MISMATCHED SOCKS.

To celebrate with us this special day:

  • Wear mismatched socks
  • Prepare a photo or a short video, where you explain that you are doing this to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day and to raise awareness about people with Down syndrome
  • Challenge 3 of your friends to do the same.
  • Share your photo/video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or/and Youtube between March 6-21, 2017 and remember to use the hashtag #SocksBattle4DS and to tag @WYAeurope, @FondLejeuneEN along with 3 friends that you have challenged to do the same.Down-Syndrome-Day-Banner-1

These small steps towards the betterment of world makes a way through the hearts for acceptance.

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